American musician Mark Lanegan shares his story of recovering from COVID in UHK

American singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan revealed in his new memoir, “Devil in a Coma” – to be released next month – that he spent time in the intensive care unit at Kerry University Hospital. after contracting COVID-19 which made him deaf and unable to walk.

anegan, a member of ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ between 2001 and 2005, has been living in Kerry with his wife Shelley Brien since last year after their initial plans to move to Portugal were cut short due to travel restrictions.

In the memoir, Lanegan reveals how he started to feel bad last March and woke up one morning completely deaf. Later that day. he cracked his rib cage after losing his footing at the top of his stairs. He was admitted to intensive care on St. Patrick’s Day last year, but it wasn’t until six weeks later, after coming out of a coma, that he found out that COVID was the cause of it all.

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The singer-songwriter will spend another six weeks in the hospital to recover and the event is gone after three months there, despite doctors warning not to. He would be forced to return two weeks later due to an attack of pneumonia.

“As I lay awake night after night my thoughts were hard to master. What would my chances be if I had caught this thing in Los Angeles or somewhere else, a place with a larger population and more medical facilities? I came to the conclusion that my chances were actually better here, ”he wrote.

Finally, Lanegan said he had improved a lot recently, but still had a lot of breathing and pain issues.

“The virus attacks the places where you’ve had injuries before and I’ve had a lot of injuries over the years. But I’m back to save and do my normal job,” he wrote.

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