Blind musician Ray Charles was ‘obsessed’ with women – his business gave him a total of 12 children

The late blind singer Ray Charles was one of the world’s greatest musicians. While enjoying fame, he also enjoyed his time with women, which enabled him to have a dozen children. He once confessed to being obsessed with women.

Famous singer-songwriter Ray Charles was one of Hollywood’s most prominent musicians. Despite his blindness from glaucoma, he mastered the art of composing songs and playing the piano.

Charles’ biggest hits include “Hit the Road Jack”, “I Got a Woman”, “Unchain My Heart” and “Seven Spanish Angels”. While he was known for his nickname “Brother Ray”, he was also infamous for his love for women.

“Women anchor me. They are there when I need them. They are sensitive to me and I am sensitive to them.”

The women he became obsessed with were those who were simple, troubled, mature, and worldly. He added that besides men, these women also played a big role in his music.

Charles had been blind since the age of seven, and this handicap made him honest about sex. He shared that he preferred women without looks to beauties, whom he somehow knew even without seeing them. He explained:

“That’s because gorgeous babes sometimes take the attitude that they’re doing you a favor by letting you make love to them.”

On why he preferred mature women, the musical genius explained that he started liking older women after having his first sexual experience at the age of 12. At the time, the woman he was involved with was 20 years old.

Besides being a known womanizer, Charles was also controversial for his alleged drug addiction.

The song icon’s 22-year marriage to Robinson suffered because of his various affairs with women outside of their union. Although he did not have any children with Williams, he shared three sons with Robinson.


Charles had 12 children from different women, including his second ex-wife. With Robinson, he had three sons named Ray Jr., born in 1955; David, born in 1958; and Robert, born in 1960.

Other women who had a relationship with the veteran singer were Louise Flowers, former band singer Raelette Margie Hendricks, Mae Mosley Lyles, Sandra Jean Betts and Mary-Chantal Bertrand.

The other women with whom he had relations were Arlette Kotchounian, Gloria Moffett, Mary Anne den Bok and Norma Pinella. He also had a child by an unknown woman.

With Flowers, Charles had a daughter named Evelyn in 1949. With Hendricks, the late musician shared a son identified as Charles Wayne, born in 1959.

During this time, Charles also shared with Lyle a daughter named Renee, who was born in 1961. Three years later, the hitmaker became the father of Betts’ daughter named Shiela.

In 1968, the 12-time Grammy-winning musician shared another baby girl with Bertrand named Alexandra. Charles also had a daughter named Reatha, who was born in 1966 to another unknown woman.

He also had a child named Robyn, born in 1978 to Moffett and Corey, whom he welcomed in 1987 to de Bok. He did not have children with Pinella, his longtime companion.


Besides being a known womanizer, Charles was also controversial for his alleged drug addiction. The gospel and blues singer has reportedly been a junkie for 17 years.

In 1962, the famous crooner was involved in a narcotics bust which led to sensational drama in court. In 2005, his drug addiction led to more drama.

He allegedly requested payment from his trust to enroll in a drug addiction program. This led to a conflict with Joe Adams, who signed as manager in 1961.

The addiction of the extraordinary musician, especially heroin, also created problems in his marriage to Robinson, in addition to his illicit relationships with other women.

Charles quit using drugs after being arrested at the Boston airport in 1965. The following year he mocked his drug ordeal with his songs “I Don’t Need No Doctor” and ” Let’s Go Get Stoned ”.

In 2004, Charles, then 73, died in his Beverly home, surrounded by family and friends. He is survived by his partner, Pinella, at the time of his death.

The industry was heartbroken by his death. Veteran producer Jerry Wexler noted Charles as one of three geniuses in music alongside Bob Dylan and Aretha Franklin.

About two years before his death, Charles gathered his 12 children at a hotel in Los Angeles and told them he was fatally ill. He also described his legacy for each of them.

But a battle over his domain soon ensued. Based on a trust document and statements from people who attended Charles’ reunion with his children, most of his assets were to be turned over to his charitable foundation.

Each of her children would also receive $ 500,000 in trust funds over the next five years. However, for some reason her kids walked away feeling like they were going to get $ 1 million each.

Charles hinting that his children would receive more in the future also led them to expect them to inherit the right to authorize his name.

Legal disputes marred Charles’ legacy. Several of her children have taken legal action against her former manager, Adams, who they accused of mishandling their father’s inheritance.

Charles was estimated to be worth $ 50 million in real estate, securities and other assets. On top of that, there are the original Charles Masters, valued at around $ 25 million.

After Charles’ death, Adams became the head of Ray Charles Enterprises, director of the singer’s foundation and trustee of his children’s trusts.

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