Drummer Nandi Bushell covers Jimi Hendrix… on guitar

By now, many of us know musician Nandi Bushell as a drummer. She fought Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters on the kit and she covered a number of tough songs, from Rush to Fatboy Slim.

But now, the virtuoso has covered Jimi Hendrix’s famous song, “Little Wing,” and she’s done it on guitar no less.

Bushell took to social media to share her latest achievement, writing to her thousands of followers, “Peace, Love and Respect! This is #little wing by #JimiHendrixone of my favorites #hendrix tunes. I spent this week relaxing, getting out of school and jamming my #wing#guitar To all #peace#love and #the respect@Jimi Hendrix

Also check out the clip below.

Grohl, one of the American songwriter’s recent cover stars, recently spoke with Spin Magazine about the band’s new comedy horror film, Workshop 666. In this interview, Bushell and Grohl’s friendship came through, and Grohl praised the young rocker.

“Long before I got involved, she was perhaps the most inspiring person on the internet. To see someone so filled with love, joy, hope and music,” Grohl said. , that, coupled with this incredible musical ability at such a young age, blew my mind. I’m sure almost everyone felt the same way. But to be involved in something that surely brought people three or four minutes of joy in an otherwise very dark time, I was honored.

He added: “The funniest part of coming out to LA [when they eventually performed together on stage] is that we had never met. We met at soundcheck that day. I knew she was small. I didn’t know she was so small. I mean, she’s fucking small! [Laughs.] I never doubted his abilities. I mean, she plays fucking Tool and Slipknot songs, so how hard could ‘Everlong’ be? Nothing will overshadow this moment. When she came out, that same feeling or energy that radiates in every one of her drum posts on Instagram was amplified 20,000 times. People were overjoyed. They were crying. It was fucking amazing.

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