Dundee Live Big Interview: Musician Be Charlotte on Lockdown, Concerts and Home

Dundee Live’s latest Big Interview is with local singer-songwriter Charlotte Brimner, better known as Be Charlotte.

The musician, best known for her songs like Lights Off and Do Not Disturb, has been writing songs since she was in school.

She has been performing for almost a decade, supported by initiatives such as Hit The Road, the PRS Foundation and Creative Scotland, and has even supported Paolo Nutini and the Proclaimers.

In 2018, she signed a worldwide recording contract with Columbia / Sony Music and this year recorded her untitled debut album.

Apart from her own music, she also tours Scottish schools, runs songwriting classes and has run two all-female songwriting campuses in Dundee in recent years.

She grew up in Kellas on the outskirts of Dundee and returned to the city last year after a stay in Glasgow and Berlin, Germany.

The pop artist will perform at Mash House, Edinburgh on November 15; King Tuts, Glasgow November 16; and Church, Dundee on November 17. Tickets are available at gigsinscotland.com.

How did the lockdown go for you, both personally and as an artist?

As it has been for everyone, it has been a very difficult time. But I feel very lucky that I was able to make it through and still do the job I did before the pandemic – I’m still an artist.

It has been a bit of a roller coaster of a time. For most artists, when the pandemic first hit, there was obviously the thought of what we were going to do and not being able to travel. It lasts a little longer.

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I was pretty creative at the start of the lockdown, finishing the songs, but it really started to wane. This year has been devoted to dealing with what last year was.

I feel like everyone tried to share only the good bits on social media, but it was harder than I let it appear.

But being able to replay concerts is great and I also recorded my album.

Be Charlotte at the 2019 Scottish Music Awards, where she was named Best Newcomer

What are you looking forward to from the live shows?

When you don’t do live music for a while, you realize it’s such an important part of being an artist. Write, record, perform live – they’re all part of the feeling of being an artist and take a part of it, you really notice it.

But I really hope people missed the live music as much as I hope. I think people started to appreciate how much artists contribute to the world – when the lockdown started, there were no new Netflix shows, no new music, no new albums.

For many people who attend live events – music, live theater, whatever is performed live – is such a big part of their life. I’m starting to see people’s enthusiasm for going to concerts, so I’m really looking forward to it.

I know that for some people who will come to my shows, this will be their first comeback gig, so I hope they enjoy it.

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Along with musical creation, you organize songwriting lessons for schoolchildren and women. What makes you want to support others?

It’s always been part of me – this idea has always been in my head.

Even when I was still a teenager and doing music, I remember thinking that I would like to open a music school for people who can’t afford opportunities, because those opportunities didn’t exist either. at the time.

Going through the industry as a youngster I always wanted to help others so I worked in schools this year with songwriting workshops and we even did some school songs. [with pupils].

It’s always been my personality not just to be an artist, but to look the other side of it, to collaborate with and help other people as well.

What brought you back to Dundee – and how do you see the city?

I think when I was growing up and in school you always thought about going out of your hometown and traveling to different places.

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I was lucky that I was able to do this with my music, moving to Glasgow and Berlin, but I ended up in Dundee early last year and it’s honestly the best thing for me d ‘be back.

I enjoyed this city so much more when I was away from it. When you have the feeling that somewhere is your home, the familiarity of it and you know what you’re going to get, it really helped me find myself. There is just something that feels comfortable being back here.

Singer says she couldn't be happier to be back home in Dundee
Singer says she couldn’t be happier to be back home in Dundee

It can be quite lonely sometimes when you travel and do different things – when there is more of a sense of community here and you feel on the same level as everyone else.

I loved being back and the changes that have taken place in the city itself have been a really exciting time.

There are so many creative people here who will hopefully have time to shine as the city attracts more people and investment. And I saw so many tourists, which is strange and I never thought I would see any.

I just hope the changes and investments will help everyone across town as well.

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