Eau Claire’s first annual singer-songwriter …

A LOCAL FOCUS: Soren Staff said the Singer Songwriter Soiree is an event to show how talented local musicians are in the Eau Claire region. (Photo from themcouleeboys.com)

“Too often things like these turn into old boys’ clubs,” Soren Staff, lead singer of Them Coulee Boys, said of the local demo concerts. “Representation matters, and I think this bill is perfect for that. Other than that, all of these people are just killer writers. I am humbled and happy as hell to play a part.

The first annual Eau Claire Singer-Songwriter Night is scheduled for Saturday, January 22 at the Stones Throw in downtown Eau Claire. The local talent showcase will feature a wide range of songwriters, including The Nunnery, Soren Staff, Jerrika Mighelle, Arms Aloft, Hemma, Matt Vold, Naalia and Josh Ingersoll.

Veteran Chippewa Valley musician Jerrika Mighelle said performing a show with a wide range of voices is a great opportunity to show the region just how much local talent is available to them.

“This eclectic mix of talent shows that we are all active musicians who work in our craft and take it seriously,” Michelle said. “I hope this shows that we support each other and want to elevate each other. I also hope this inspires the community, reminding them, after all these months of the pandemic, that we are still here, still making music for all of you that we look forward to sharing.

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Naalia lead singer Aliana Sigala said having the chance to perform safely again is exciting for her and her band mates in the soulful r & b outfit.

“I think this mix of musicians shows how big the Eau Claire scene is and how it continues to inspire more and more people to create music in their own way,” said Sigala.

The singer-songwriter’s night has been held at the Stones Throw, a popular bar / concert venue for over 20 years. The site itself has had to deal with difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, opening and closing depending on the current level of security at any given time.

With a shortage of mid-sized venues in the Eau Claire area, Pit Wagon lead singer and one of the show’s organizers Matt Vold said holding the show at The Stones Throw is a big step towards making it happen. normalcy for members of the Chippewa Valley music scene and the fans who support them.

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“Stones Throw has been an iconic venue for so many years here and we hope to bring shows back there because it’s a beautiful space,” Vold said. “Another plus is that it’s wide open enough to allow social distancing if people feel uncomfortable. We hope everyone present will do their part to get vaccinated and wear masks. “

Adding to the importance of supporting local music, Josh Ingersoll, lead singer of popular group Eau Claire The Heart Pills, said the event is super local and will show the music community is capable of coming back and thriving.

“This show is fully organized and all proceeds will go directly to local musicians,” Ingersoll said. “The local musicians handle the sound, the lights, the promotion, the reservations and the door. There’s a ton of original content, experience, and gear going into that, and we want everyone to feel like they’ve been paid fairly. “

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The organizers of the Singer Songwriter Soiree plan to hold similar events once or twice a year to continue to emphasize the importance of the local music community to the vitality of the city.

The first annual Eau Claire Singer-Songwriter Night will begin at 8 p.m. on Saturday, January 22. Tickets are $ 20 in advance and $ 25 at the door. Presale tickets are available at ticketspice.com.

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