Fil-Can singer-songwriter Annie Lux releases new single “self talk” – Philippine Canadian Inquirer

And for Annie, this move is a challenge for her to be a more “vulnerable” musician. (Provided)

“I didn’t really plan on it being something to come out,” was Filipino-Canadian Annie Lux’s initial description of her latest single “self talk.” But this March 18, she now shares this song which she considers very personal to hear from everyone.

Like many artists, songwriters weave works that may not be intended for the public for a variety of reasons.

“I don’t know about the other songwriters, but I think [for] most songwriters…we have songs that we put out and then we have our own songs that kinda sound like our “passion songs” that we don’t really share with the world because the world might not understand” , shared Annie in an interview with the Philippine Canadian Inquirer (PCI).

However, “self talk” is now ready to be played for everyone’s ears.

And for Annie, this move is a challenge for her to be a more “vulnerable” musician.

She shared that “self-talk” is pretty much what the title says, a message to herself, “This is me telling me to get up.”

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According to her, the song was written at a time when she was in a “dark mental space”.

“So I was just telling myself to get up, set some boundaries, say I’m done, and tell myself I’ve had enough,” she told PCI.

The singer-songwriter pointed out that the song is about being really honest – and that’s also reflected in its melody.

“I’m thrilled for Filipinos and just for the world to hear,” she said.

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Annie’s listeners can expect another song, “18,” to be released in April, which she described as having fun.

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