Holycross singer / songwriter Micah on Last Singer Standing and an exciting year ahead

Singer Miriam Carley or Micah as she is known in music has been knocked out for Saturday night’s Last Singer Standing. Micah, originally from Holycross, is an accomplished singer-songwriter and professor at Ringsend College, Dublin. She spoke to the Tipperary Star about music, Last Singer Standing and his current projects.

For her performance, Micah chose Euphoria de Loreen in the Eurovision category. According to Micah, although he didn’t make it to the next round, Last Singer Standing was a really positive experience.

“Everyone on the show is lovely, very supportive, but overall everyone was like this was an opportunity. Even if it didn’t turn out the way you want it to, it’s like, look, it’s an opportunity that you get there, you are seen, ”Micah said.

Last Singer Standing is a musical game show on RTE hosted by Nicky Byrne. Applicants must choose a song to perform in front of an audience. Their fellow competitors can buzz at any time to challenge the artist. Their performances are judged by Nadine Coyle, Joey Fatone and Samantha Mumba, and on each round, a singer is eliminated.

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Micah said she made many friends and the host, judges and team were all lovely.

“Nadine Coyle Joey Fatone Samantha Mumba was absolutely adorable. I fangirled slightly on Nadine Coyle. I won’t lie,” said Micah.

All of Last Singer Standing’s competitors are musicians and performers. Micah is a singer-songwriter and vocal coach who has worked with producers, singers, and even on Eurovision Song Contest. Before Covid-19, Micah was a full-time musician.

When the first restrictions took effect, Micah, like all artists, was no longer working live.

“I remember the day they canceled everything, and I sat down crying, and everyone was leaving.

Micah has resumed teaching English and geography to high school students. Her students knew she would be on the show and were disappointed for her when she was eliminated.

“They weren’t happy, they were angry.

She said students and parents supported her performance on the show. She says because of Covid she couldn’t meet the parents like she would have, so the first time many saw her on TV.

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However, Micah herself is a bit more critical of her performance even though the reaction has been positive.

“I know I did a much cleaner voice, but I think people liked it, a lot of people said it wasn’t like a cover; it was like my own performance.”

“But I think I’m my worst critic. I’ll always be critical. I’ll always think I could have done better, so I guess that’s how I’ve always been as a singer,” said Micah.

At the moment, she is preparing to release her new EP in the New Year.

“It’s very autobiographical, every song is something that has happened to me in the last 18 months,

“Everyone seems to love the new music, everyone who heard it felt like you had to bring it out, and I just sat on it during the lockdown because I’ve been through a lot, and the lockdown gave me a chance to write more authentically and everyone said that was the right thing to get out of the way ASAP, ”Micah said.

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Killian Cruiser is producing the new EP and the first track, Stranger, is slated for release in January.

“It’s one of those things [the past few months] I was crazy, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, ”Micah said.

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