“I’m the most consistent songwriter on Crystal Castles songs”

Alice Glass said she was the most consistent songwriter of her ex-band Crystal Castles, explaining that’s why the title of her debut solo album nods to the band.

The musician, who left the band in 2014 shortly after the release of their third album ‘III’, said ‘PREY//IV’ is a deliberate reference to the numbering scheme Crystal Castles used on ‘Crystal Castles II’. of 2010 and 2012. “III” above.

She explained in this week’s edition NME Big Read interviews that the move was an act of recovery, after alleging in 2017 that she had no choice but to leave the band following allegations that bandmate Ethan Kath had physically, sexually and psychologically abused her . (Kath has always denied the allegations).

“This is my fourth full release,” Glass said. NME as she prepares to release her first solo album. “Look at the writing credits over the years, and I’m the most consistent songwriter on CC records.

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“I feel confident saying this and if I’m intentionally pissing someone off, great,” she added. “If someone is mad at that, I don’t fuck them anyway, but I eat them.”

The Canadian singer-songwriter (real name Margaret Osborn) has also opened up about her decision to write about her past at Crystal Castles on ‘PREY/IV’, saying she longs for a clean slate away from memories painful.

“If I could take a pill and erase all my memories, I would. I didn’t think I would be here – I thought I would be dead for sure,” Glass said. NME. “I was very suicidal when I was a teenager and young…There is so much suffering in the world, and I bring [up my difficult experiences] now because in a weird way every time I open up about it someone writes me or sends a really nice message where they can relate to what I’m saying.

Additionally, Glass opened up about his time working with late producer SOPHIE, who died almost a year ago to the day in a sudden accident in Athens.

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The singer opened up about how the contemporary pop pioneer was sometimes a sounding board for her upcoming debut solo album.

“SOPHIE was one of those people who had talent in all areas,” Glass explained. “I’m pretty sure she could play any instrument; quite intimidating as an artist, but truly inspiring.

Glass added that it was actually SOPHIE who suggested he release his latest single, “Fair Game.”

Alice Glass’ “PREY//IV” will be released on February 16.

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