In Local Musician Scoot Horton, Woody Guthrie Meets The Sex Pistols

Scootin’ ‘Round Town with Scoot

As a child growing up in Buchanansinger-songwriter Scoot Hortonwho now lives in montrose, was also fascinated by the Sex Pistols and Bob Dylan. While listening to his second album, “Emptybottles“, due to the fall of February 11, these influences ring true.

Although he has more of a country accent now, Horton’s musical past is still present. In the 90s, Scoot played guitar in Awkward Thought, a band revered in the hardcore punk scene, which recorded several records and toured the United States and Europe.

Scoot continued to play in other popular hardcore bands, but as his musical style evolved he was drawn to his lifelong love of folk and Americana. He launched into an open mic at a lookit is bean runner cafe (the same 2016 America’s Got Talent winning venue Grace Vanderwal played), and he hasn’t looked back since.


Despite his release two years into the pandemic, Empty Bottles is pleasantly free of quarantine issues. The album was largely written and recorded in 2019, so there’s no trace of the isolation and Covid stress.

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Featuring songs upon songs about life, love, and good old rock ‘n’ roll rebellion, “Empty Bottles” will be released on February 11.

Instead, the songs reflect life, love, and good old rock ‘n’ roll rebellion, while the sound varies from country ballads to faster tunes. Horton attributes his heavier country sound, once described as “Woody Guthrie meets the Sex Pistols”, to his punk roots.

“I think it was all in the way I strummed the guitar. I just have a more aggressive style,” he said, adding, “It had been so many years playing punk and hardcore. It comes naturally that way.

This influence is most evident in the songs “Fragile Heart”, “Bank Man” and “Old Punks”, where he assures that “old punks don’t die, they go country”.

Whenever the quarantine loosens up, Scoot can be found playing with it Marlene, his wife and collaborator. Learn more about his music and “Empty Bottles” >

River Journal North (RJN) grilled Scoot Horton about some of his musical favorites a look and Westchester

RJN > What are the best local places to listen to live music in the Peekskill area?

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SCOOTER > Birdsall House, especially in good weather. When it’s outdoors, this is the best place in Peekskill. i love to play Peekskill Cafe – it feels like home, especially the indoor night shows. Peekskill Brewery also has music on weekends.

RJN > Which local musicians should people know about?

SCOOTER > Fred Gillen, Jr. and Phineas and the Lonely Leaves. From North Westchester, Pluck and Rail. And, throughout the county, Greg Jacquin. And there is adoptive dad, Bear Mountain Sound Machine, Jack Graceand Eric Puente Jazz Quartet.

RJN > Favorite guitar store?

SCOOTER > A very good guitar shop, where you can have instruments repaired, is Street Guitars Division. In the last two weeks I have been there four or five times. They mainly sell guitars, basses and amps. Paul [DeCourcey]the owner, is a very nice guy.

RJN > What are some good places to look for music?

SCOOTER > The bruised apple in Peekskill sells used books, but they also have a very large section of used records and CDs; In BuchananThere are Big Jim’s Records. And in Tarryvillethe music hall now Marquee folders.

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Gina Carey is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Sleepy Hollow.

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