Indie-pop singer-songwriter Jonah Kagen releases new track “Catching A Dream” [Video]

Combining folk-style storytelling with shimmering pop elements, Jonah Kagen is capturing the hearts of fans around the world. His latest single “Catching A Dream” exemplifies the multi-talented singer-songwriter and musician’s ability to cut you straight to the heart with a ghostly voice and serious lyricism.

“’Catching A Dream’ is about where you go in your mind when you just want to escape your reality,” Kagen shares. “I really wanted to try to bring out that feeling of escape and paint a picture of that magical place where nothing weighing you down in the real world could ever follow you.

Writing during the pandemic, Kagen further explained, “The midst of the virus has been a very dark time. I felt like people needed something to represent what they were feeling, but in a hopeful way. I got to see the power of what “Broken” did initially on TikTok, where so many people filled in their own stories in the comments. Lyrically, it’s a cry for help when you hit your breaking point, but it’s also a reminder to keep going.

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On March 1, 2022, Jonah will embark on her first North American tour in support of Maisie Peters. Dates start in Minneapolis, MN and end April 1 in Los Angeles. Along the way, it will make stops, among others, in Chicago, New York, Dallas and Vancouver. The full tour is listed below and tickets are available here.

The purity of the Savannah, GA native’s songwriting makes each of his songs a beautifully haunting affair. Between the melodic work of the acoustic guitar or the inviting vocal duet performance, Kagen’s sound is warm but contemplative in part thanks to the depth of his lyrics. In the fall of 2020, he released his first original single “Broken”, previewing the song by encouraging his subscribers to “co-write” with him via TikTok. In the first three months after release, “Broken” collected over 10.5 million streams on streaming platforms. He is clearly a special musician to watch and who makes some serious moves.

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