K-Pop musician Eric Nam rolls out Mindset app for mental health

K-Pop musician Eric Nam rolls out Mindset app for mental health

K-Pop star Eric Nam recently launched a Mindset app which aims to bring artists from different communities together on one platform to discuss their mental health journey and break mental health taboos in the Asian community .

By talking to Initiatedthe Heaven The singer, who is also one of the founders of Dive Studios, said: “This entertainment industry is unforgiving and therefore I wanted to create a platform that would allow artists to speak freely in a comfortable setting of everything. what was happening.”

The singer-songwriter wants Mindset to be a safe space for Asian Americans who can tell their stories without “fear of judgment.”

Meanwhile, Nam also recalled his not-so-easy musical journey when he came to Korea after leaving America.

“The journey to becoming an independent musician has been really tough. It sounds sexy, it sounds cool. But it’s so much work,” he added.

The singer continued, “I had a lot of emotional distress when I started my career in Korea. I suffered from symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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Interestingly, the crooner also opened up about how the record company warned him not to go to therapy as it would impact his music career.

Nam added that all this experience has helped him understand the importance of mental health, which is why he developed this app to make this industry inclusive.

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