Korean singer-songwriter LambC on the start of a new

The Korean music scene is teeming with talent, from scintillating K-pop idols to indie bands that wow you; but there is no one like LambC.

Intentional and technical yet expressive and relatable, the Korean singer-songwriter has a knack for making you feel a whole range of emotions just by listening to his discography.

Never wanting to settle for a single genre or style, his evocative stories are often told against a backdrop of varying sounds and colors.

“I had a lot of genre issues because I never write a song with a specific genre in mind. It’s really more about the feelings I want to convey as well as the color or tonal description that matches the song. So I would say it’s a mix of all genres according to different songs, ”says LambC. the moving train.

His technical skills all stem from his winding journey through music. Always passionate about what he does, the “Dear caramel” hitmaker started his career as a drummer before finding a skill in writing and producing songs.

“I had no intention of becoming a singer-songwriter let alone singing on stage because I started my musical career as a drummer and always wanted to be a great drummer more than anyone else. thing, “he shares.

“Once I entered Berklee College of Music, I said to myself that I had to learn something new, because it seemed a little pointless to me to come here and relearn what I already knew. That’s when I majored in “Music Production and Engineering” and it really kicked off my career as a composer and engineer that has brought it all to this day. “

Since 2015, LambC has released a myriad of hits, both as a singer and as a producer. This includes his endearing track ‘Love like that’. Released as part of his 2017 EP Absence ‘Side A’, the sweet and heartfelt love song has resonated with listeners around the world and continues to be one of the singer’s most popular hits.

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“I think musicians are the ones who really aren’t quite sure when it comes to what song they think they do best. Certainly, I am one of them and I never really thought he would receive so much love ”, LambC on“ Love like that ”.

“But I have a feeling people love the song because I was so honest and sincere during the writing process, which kind of shone through the song. I am always grateful to everyone who listened to it.

Drawing inspiration from all aspects of life – from the movies he watches to his adorable cat, LambC’s music reads like a diary full of love-fueled adventures and mundane reflections on life.

“I am inspired by everything. I can drink a cup of coffee and get a song idea, watch a movie, watch cool videos, read books. Regardless of the inspiration, I’m starting to write and record, so as an artist it’s crucial for me to capture this lingering idea and make songs out of it immediately, ”he shares.

More recently, LambC released their debut album, i will see you when i see you which he made in collaboration with an artist colleague and dear friend sh over a three month period.

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“This was my first official 12 song album and everything was produced and written by me and sh who is also a producer, artist and engineer. Offline,” he shares.

“We also liked each other a lot in songwriting so whenever someone had a great idea it was very easy to decide and move on. Basically it was the two of us just in our studios. at home everyday chopping songs, right and center – it was amazing. This album was also the first album I ever released, it was co-produced with someone else, this which also adds to the specialty, ”he adds.

As the year draws to a close, LambC is also closing a previous chapter in his musical journey, bidding farewell to his longtime label and deciding to pursue the path of an independent artist.

“I became independent again, so I planned and restructured my life as a musician, producer and engineer by creating a label, looking for deals and all kinds of things. said.

As part of this new start, LambC implemented an idea that had always sprouted since he started making music: to create a band.

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With sh (guitar, synth), Young Sun (bass), and HENG (voice), the quartet composes MOTIP, an independent soft-rock group driven by a deep-rooted passion for music and a mission to showcase their art.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of a band so I formed one with my best friends. This generation has got to be the best time to present different identities as artists and so we strive to do it individually. and collectively, ”LambC shares.

The group recently released their five-track EP, WANT LOVE!.

In the meantime – especially since he is embarking on this new adventure, the ‘Childish’ hitmaker plans to do what he’s always done: enjoy music.

“Honestly, boring as it sounds, as long as I’m happy to do what I love, it’s my dream and my goal,” he shares.

Listen to LambC’s latest single “Real Love” here.

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