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In writing his new song, “New Boots On,” Peninsular musician Mike Annuzzi was inspired in part by the community support he describes experiencing as a local musician over the past two years. The song will be released on May 6.

Among this community, he has several venues along California Avenue in Palo Alto where he has played regularly since the start of the pandemic and Club Fox at the Fox Theater in Redwood City, where he filmed the video for “New Boots On”. .

“It’s a country rock song. It’s got a lot of catchy guitar riffs. It’s a really big sound. And the song is really fun and upbeat,” he said of the single. “The music video is really about making the most of every moment.”

The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist recorded all the instruments for the track, including drums, bass and pedal steel guitar, then worked with Nashville-based recording engineer and producer Jamie Tate , on the song.

“He was able to make that sound larger than life,” Annuzzi said.

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Annuzzi, who has been playing the guitar since he was around 11, grew up around music – his father played the accordion and is actually from the same town in Italy as Maico Campilongo, co-owner of California restaurants Avenue Terún and Italico, where Annuzzi plays regularly. He is sometimes joined by Campilongo, a fellow musician.

Annuzzi graduated from St. Francis High School in Mountain View, but grew up in Redwood City, where his family has strong roots.

He grew up around what he calls “traditional” music, which he still sometimes plays in Terún and Italico, but over the years he said he found his sound more country.

“Right now I’m going into the ‘California country’ sound, which was a natural progression in my career. A lot of the shows I was doing through 2020 kind of transitioned from singer-songwriter shows and shows from jam band to liking country artists more,” he said.

Annuzzi, who has been performing professionally for about 16 years, began working in the music industry as a talent buyer. Although he had intended to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter while attending Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, he changed course and decided to work behind the scenes.

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“I was booking a big venue and was able to hire some of my favorite bands,” he said. “And I really got to see how the touring life really worked.”

But the performance brought Annuzzi back to the stage when a last-minute opening act was needed.

Since then he has toured extensively in the US, performed internationally and released three albums independently between 2012 and 2016, although his main focus is on live performances.

When the pandemic brought touring to an abrupt halt, Annuzzi said, he lost about “60 gigs overnight.” Since then, he said, he has found a strong sense of community at regular gigs on California Avenue.

Annuzzi said he was also working on other songs that will be released soon, but “New Boots On,” his first release since 2020, is special.

“I kind of waited for the right time to release this new song. And since things are opening up more and the song was really upbeat, I thought now was the best time to release it. had a lot of community support — all the friends I’ve met on California Avenue over the last two years (are) actually some of the best friends and musical acquaintances I’ve met throughout my life. career,” he said.

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“New Boots On” will be released on May 6 on iTunes. For more information, visit mikeannuzzi.com.

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