Multi-talented singer / songwriter / musician Harold Thomas releases debut single and music video My Jesus

Born and raised in Detroit. Mich. Home of Motown, He sang his first note when he was pulled from his mother’s womb, and it was the C note. It was then that his career began. He started playing the clarinet in first grade and continued until grade six, which is when he discovered the saxophone and all the other instruments he wanted to play. He mastered at least 5 instruments; Saxophone, keyboards, drums, bass and rhythm guitar and harmonica.

Singer / songwriter and lead singer / artist. Likes to captivate his audience when he goes on stage.

My Jesus was written from experiences in the life of this artist. He chose to share with others who have had or have similar experiences in life. The song is an uplifting song for those in need of a boost of spiritual energy, encouraging those to get up and move with a Hip Hop, RnB Praise Groove to keep you going !! Especially at times like these… Covid is no joke !! “The song even has a kind of MJ feel” people would love to hear uplifting music like this.

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He has toured across Canada and parts of Japan as well as the United States playing and writing music from genres such as Gospel, RnB, Pop, Jazz, Motown, Blues, Top 40, Hip Hop, Rock, Classic Rock, that’s right, you name it, he played it. He has won 1st place 5 times at Showtime at the Apollo in Harlem New York and has a plaque on the wall for best dog of the year for 1992 and has performed in Las Vegas under the direction of The Princess of the Motown “Sherry Gordy”.

Daughter of Berry Gordy, founder of Motown, and now he released his very first single and music video… “My Jesus” from the album My Life and would like to thank God for the inspiration that keeps him going.

So, check out My Jesus on all digital music streaming platforms and stay up to date with Harold Thomas on the artist’s social media pages to stay up to date with new music, activities and events from this multi-talented artist.

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