Muscatine songwriter Marcy Each will give a free concert on February 12 | Local

MUSCATINE – A local musician will return to her hometown for a Valentine’s Day concert.

Guitarist and songwriter Marcy Each will perform at 7 p.m. Saturday at Calvary Church, 501 West Highway 61 Bypass in Muscatine. This is a free concert open to the public.

For several years, Each has pursued his passion as a songwriter. Her career started in 2009 after winning a contest with one of her songs. From there she visited Nashville and produced more of her songs.

Each said that she considered her songwriting a “passionate hobby” and was more interested in writing songs than performing them.

“I just like to write songs in the hope that other people will sing them and enjoy them,” Each said.

But Each still likes to perform occasionally, usually performing a concert every year. Previously in 2021, she performed in Cedar Rapids, where she currently lives.

“We had record cold temperatures that day, and so that, combined with the pandemic, meant that we didn’t have many people,” Each said.

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But among the people who came, some came from Muscatine. When they approached her to perform in her former hometown, Each agreed.

Each specializes in roots music, also known as Americana – a genre that is a mix of jazz, country, bluegrass and folk. Each will also perform with her sisters, Holly Bodin and Rachel Roeth, at the upcoming concert.

“Some of the songs will be love songs that people have heard a million times, and some of them will be brand new songs that I’ve written – fun, hopeful songs that I think everything the world wants and needs to hear right now,” Everyone said.

Each said they were looking forward to being in their hometown again. Many of his songs were inspired by the people of Muscatine and small town life, as well as themes of caring for and loving one another.

“I love the Muscatine people,” she said. “I love the community, it was a great place to grow up. I feel very loved there and want to show my love by sharing my music.”

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