Musician Justin Nuñez brings his music to the stage with two Corrales shows

Gallup native Justin Nuñez will perform shows at Perea’s Tijuana Bar and Casa Vieja Brewery in Corrales on Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19. (Courtesy of Justin Nuñez)

Music has been a constant in Justin Nuñez’s life.

He started playing guitar as a teenager.

Yet, in the last two years of his life, he made the leap to perform in front of the public.

This was a big problem because many performance spaces only allowed limited capacities.

The Gallup native is reaping the rewards of his hard work.

“I busked when I was a teenager,” he says. “In terms of performance, I started it a little before the pandemic. Going on stage today and seeing an audience is amazing.

Nuñez describes his music as Americana and folk, as well as Musica en Español/Portuguese.

“It’s hard to narrow it down,” he says. “I’m influenced by Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt. I sing in English and Spanish and I was influenced by the music in Brazil.

Nuñez recently made his Nob Hill debut when he performed with Josh Lee at Tractor Brewing Co. on March 12.

On Friday March 18 he will perform at Perea’s Tijuana Bar in Corrales. The following evening, Saturday March 19, he will perform at the Casa Vieja brasserie in Corrales.

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Nuñez’s journey has been all over the place, but her home base remains in New Mexico.

He grew up in Gallup until he was 14 and moved to Albuquerque. After that he lived in Brazil and has visited 17 countries so far.

“New Mexico is my home base,” he says. “I move around a lot and intend to stay here for a while. Yes, Albuquerque has its rough edges, but it’s home. We have such a unique culture and there is a growing independent music scene here. This is a very unique benefit.

Gallup native Justin Nuñez will perform shows at Perea’s Tijuana Bar and Casa Vieja Brewery in Corrales on Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19. (Courtesy of Justin Nuñez)

When it comes to writing, influences come from everywhere.

Nuñez says most come from his life story or heartbreak, but he always wants to be honest.

“I recently played an open mic night at the Albuquerque Press Club and performed a song I wrote about my mom,” he says. “I felt like I was exposed to the world. When that happens, I channel the emotion and put it into my performance. It makes it more powerful.

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More recently, Nuñez has collaborated with songwriter Josh Lee. The couple are working on an album together.

“I’m hoping for a summer or fall release for the new material,” he says. “I’m taking the next step to record music outside my home. I want it to sound more professional.

As Nuñez continues to work on his music, here are a few things you didn’t know about him:

1 “I sing and write songs in three languages ​​- English, Spanish and Portuguese.”

2 “One of my earliest musical memories is listening to Bob Dylan’s ‘Romance in Durango’ from the album ‘Desire’ on cassette tape.”

3 “I have a myriad of musical influences, including folk, rock ‘n’ roll, country, MPB (Brazilian popular music) and rock in Spanish.”

4 “I started writing and playing music when I was 14.”

5 “In addition to singing, I play guitar, harmonica, berimbau (an Afro-Brazilian instrument used in Capoeira) and tambourine.”

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