Musician Lisa Morales wants new album to call people together

Lisa Morales is a storyteller.

Music has been a part of her life since she was little, as she learned to play traditional Mexican music.

Texas-based musician Lisa Morales will be giving two shows in New Mexico in support of her new album, “She Ought to Be King”. (Courtesy of Gabriella Howard)

Her musical tastes have developed over time and she is back with her next album, “She Ought to Be King”.

The first single “Freedom” was released to the world.

“I’m so excited because the build-up has been a long time coming,” Morales said. “The doors to the theaters are open again and I can go on stage to perform. I’ve been doing this all my life.

During the pandemic, like many artists, Morales pivoted to virtual shows. While she was grateful to keep playing music, it wasn’t the same.

“Looking at a phone and playing was difficult,” she says. “There was no audience in front of me. It was a foreign situation.

Morales spent time at home writing what has become “She Ought to Be King”.

Her writing process slowed down a bit as she had two teenage children at home and was looking after her sister, Roberta, in cancer treatment.

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She and her sister have recorded six albums under the name Sisters Morales. Roberta died in August.

“My process is myself,” she says. “To have this flow of consciousness. It didn’t happen so much. I contacted a friend of mine who has a place in Taos. While I was squatting there, I wrote “Freedom”, in response to the policy that was getting ridiculous. The song is my response to what was going on in the world. We should all love each other and here families fall apart. The neighbors disagree and it got out of hand. “Freedom” is my answer. “

The single is produced by acclaimed singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist David Garza.

“Freedom” stars Santana co-founder Gregg Rolie, who plays the organ and provides backing vocals. It also features bassist Tim Lefebvre, keyboardist Rachel Eckroth and drummer Beth Goodfellow.

It was recorded at the famous Sonic Ranch recording studio in Tornillo, Texas, which gave Morales a secluded and creative environment to focus on making music.

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“Sonic Ranch is one of my favorite places to record,” she says. “It inspired me to write more music. “

Morales says with the album that she wants to call people together during these stressful personal and political times. She claims human rights and paints daily portraits of the pressures of motherhood and femininity.

“I watched how strong we women are,” says Morales. “We continue to evolve and gain confidence over time. We don’t squeeze into our own shoes – we stand taller with them. The title “She Ought to Be King” echoes this.

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