Musician Nick Lutsko Made the Only 2021 Recap You Need

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Every now and then an artist comes along that leaves an indelible impact. You remember life before you know them, but it doesn’t seem possible. They feel like they’ve always been there to entertain you. For me, that artist is Nick Lutsko. Lutsko is a singer-songwriter and one of the funniest. He’s been active for years, but in 2020 he exploded into the Twitter sphere (?) With a host of hilarious songs usurping Trump’s main GOP. All the while, he was creating a mythology for a characterized version of himself, his grandmother, and his attempts to re-enter the world. Gremlins Cinematographic universe.

If this all sounds wild as hell, that’s because it is. Lutsko’s songs are filled to the brim with biting satire, abject strangeness, and topical references pulled straight from Twitter’s “trending” page. This is part of what makes them successful. Lutsko can tap into the spirit of the times with aplomb. He traps listeners looking for a song about Elon Musk hosting SNL and surprises them with a man covered in blood and dressed in a hospital gown. He uses popularity to spread weirdness, and I’m very disappointed with that.

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Now Lutsko ends 2021 on a high note. In a way, his 2021 recap song “2021 Has Been So Fun” is a little more sincere in its tone. Sounds like a good end-of-year anthem. But if you watch the lyrics, if you watch the accompanying video, it is clear what Lutsko is doing. 2021 has been almost as hellish as 2020. Yet if you look at parts of the world, it seems people are trying to continue as usual. It’s mind-boggling and perfectly summed up in Nick’s video.

If you’ve never listened to Lutsko before, you’re in for a treat. I also highly recommend browsing its catalog of works. Not just the funny stuff like Songs on my computer That is. Lutsko is the real deal and his 2019 album Swords will easily become one of your new favorites. Until then, watch and listen to how he recaps a most chaotic year; And be happy that he’s there to help us laugh at the madness.

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