Musician Swaggha is back for good

After a hiatus of about three years, the musical group Swaggha, real name Daniel Nuako, is back.

According to him, his break was a necessity: “I believe that as human beings every once in a while you need to take a break and re-access yourself and be an artist, it is even a must. During my break, I took the time to study the music scene, to study what is the trend and how to impact my profession.

“That’s not all, as a person I have wondered what kind of music I wanted to do, is it the ones that will fade quickly or the songs that will last a long time and of any indication I have the answer and I’m ready to release some amazing songs I’ve worked on. Let’s not forget that, I’m human too and to be my best I need to be in my best shape, physically, mentally, etc. Showbiz in an interview.

Commenting on what he’s coming back with, he said one EP: “I have an EP that’s almost ready and that’s what I’m going to release in a few days. The EP is an EP that people are going to listen to and love. “

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Swaggha started music professionally in 2015 with the release of her well-received first single, ‘Work It Gal’.

Swaggha is a Ghanaian Russian singer-songwriter, who grew up in Takoradi where his passion for music was discovered.

Responding to the meaning of his name Swaggha, he said: “SWAGGHA stands for Still Will Always Gather Good Hearts Around. I am of the opinion that names have special effects on people and therefore whatever name you choose. , you have to be careful and for what I stand for and what I want to do with my music, Swaggha was the best option. “

On the way he sees himself and his art, he noted, “I see my music being heard and recognized more by people who can relate to the subjects I’m talking about. In Africa, I want to help raise the bar of our musical standards. I believe that because I love what I do, my fans will love me too.

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Swaggha has collaborated with artists such as Ligalize, Kan (formerly DJ of Kan of Blackstar) and Everthe8. The former employee of the Blackstar and Gazgolder label has also worked with famous bloggers such as Nikolai Sobolev, Expertik, Dekster and Theo Blade.

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