Musician’s wife firmly believes the Covid-19 vaccine saved her life

The wife of a father of three who spent two weeks in intensive care after contracting Covid-19 is convinced that the Pfizer vaccine he received saved his life.

Willie Crinion (53), who was fully vaccinated in March due to a number of underlying health issues, remains at Notre Dame Hospital in Navan.

One of his twins, Adam, was admitted for treatment for the virus just days after him. The other twin, Billy, and his older brother Jake have also suffered severe effects from the virus and are recovering at their home in Trim, County Meath.

Their mother, singer-songwriter Kathy Crinion, who had to treat her sick sons in isolation while her husband was in intensive care, supported the vaccination campaign, saying “you really don’t want to catch Covid-19 “.

“Willie was always going to be vulnerable to Covid-19. In addition to the autoimmune problem, it has other underlying conditions, ”she said.

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“You would think I should give and tell people there is no point in getting the vaccine, but I’m the complete opposite.

Kathy said her husband Willie “had a fight and as a family we are very proud of him”. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

“There is no doubt that my husband was protected from even more serious symptoms thanks to the vaccine. I am completely sure of it. I am also vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine and that is surely the only reason I did not receive it?

The first indication of an infection was on July 7, the eve of Jake’s 30th birthday, when “Willie just started to cough but we thought it was due to his sarcoidosis” – an autoimmune disease that he caused. suffers and affects the lungs.

“When he developed a high temperature he was tested for Covid and it was positive so he decided it was best for him to isolate himself in an empty apartment belonging to his family nearby …

“A day later my son Billy started having headaches and throat aches and a few days later all three sons were really sick. I was the only one who didn’t understand it.

As her husband’s condition worsened, an ambulance was called. “I got off in my PPE gear and kept my distance just to wave him out,” she said.

While taken straight to intensive care, his son Adam had to go to the hospital for ten days of treatment, “just a day before he was vaccinated and a few days before he celebrated his 22nd birthday with his. twin Billy.

“Fortunately, they and their older brother Jake seem to be doing fine now, but we don’t know for so long that Covid will be a thing again.”

She added: “My boys will now also get the vaccine when they are four weeks after the illness.

“It has been a very lonely and scary few weeks and it is not over yet.”

She said her husband was improving and praised the hospital staff for their work. “He fought a great fight and as a family we are very proud of him. “

Urging everyone to get vaccinated, she also called on those who had already received the vaccine not to be complacent.

“It’s such a weird disease. If someone who is vaccinated thinks they are safe, don’t be. You can still catch Covid-19 and you can still spread it. The vaccine only means that you can’t get so sick or die from it …

“I know without the vaccine it could have been a very different story… You don’t want Covid-19 in your life or in your home or attacking your loved ones.”

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