New album from Saskatchewan. songwriter Megan Nash a ‘personal milestone’ outing

Mortlach-based singer-songwriter Megan Nash released her third studio album on November 3, titled Soft Focus Futures.

REGINA – Second studio album Fuzzy futures by Juno Award-nominated singer-songwriter Megan Nash is finally out, and it’s an intensely personal and heavy opus that the Saskatchewan musician is relieved to finally share.

Nash, whose preferred pronouns are her and them, first announced a new album in the works over a year ago, following the release of the single “Artifact” in October 2020.

The pandemic delayed production of the album, but with a successful launch on streaming platforms on November 3, Fuzzy futures is now in the world and Nash said she couldn’t be more horny.

“For me this album is a personal milestone and I feel really happy with it,” Nash said. “I’m really, really proud of these songs [and] if I’m lucky enough to live to be 90 and listen to this album, it’s going to be like “yes, I’ve been really honest with myself and my audience”.

Fuzzy futures is Nash’s third studio album and debut album since their 2017 Juno-nominated album Searcher. She described the new LP as very different from its predecessor, with a more subdued, sad tone that reflects the different time in their lives that inspired most of the album’s tracklist.

“It ended up being a big album with a lot of changes [and] a lot of the songs are very heavy, ”Nash said. “They discuss divorce, they discuss the anxiety of dating after something as heavy and heartbreaking as divorce. There is so much vulnerability in this album.

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Nash said she had questions whether Fuzzy futures was written as a pandemic album, which she clarified is not, but the tone of the album is closely tied to how many have felt over the past couple of years.

“There are so many songs that suggest loneliness and loneliness, like ‘Quiet’ and ‘Another Silent Night’,” Nash said. “But honestly, this loneliness is only about the divorce process and doesn’t even affect the pandemic.”

She said it’s a very personal album, both in content and in creation, and it’s a bit surreal to listen to now. Because so many tracks were first written a few years ago, this debut in 2021 is kind of a step back in time for Nash.

“For me, it’s really a time capsule for 2018, 2019, 2020. It’s an album from those years,” Nash said. “Sometimes they take me back to where I was when I was writing them but then also, because my friends played on them, they’re bigger than those initial moments that inspired them, the pain or the heartache, because my friends added their love for the song and it takes us to a different place, less sad, in a way.

Nash and the band The Best of Intentions started recording in early 2020, but eventually finished. Fuzzy futures of their respective homes due to the pandemic, over a much longer period than usual for the process.

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But the extended timeline gave Nash a whole new set of opportunities to celebrate the album’s singles, which she said was a new marketing tactic that turned out to be really fun.

Five singles included in the final song list have made their own debuts over the past two years, and in between, Nash has embarked on creating unique music videos and photo shoots for each single.

“I loved that focus on every single,” Nash said. “I still write albums and I’m always happy to release records, it’s a lot of fun for me, but it was also fun to focus on each song.”

The extra time to really polish the record also allowed them to write two more songs that became, in Nash’s words, the album’s “mission statement” – “Table for One” and “Table for One Reprise. “.

“It was kind of a gift, the extra time I had,” Nash said. “It was tough, but having that time to think things over and then get inspiration from other creatives was really cool.”

Along with the exciting release of the LP, Nash also released a new video for the single “Table for One”, filmed near his home in Crescent Park in downtown Moose Jaw.

The remote production also allowed Nash to collaborate – notably with Yellowknife musician Digawolf and Nash’s beloved companion, Shiloh the dog, heard on “Table For One Reprise” – which would have been difficult to do with in-person recording sessions.

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Overall, Nash said she felt extremely proud to see Fuzzy futures finally in the stands, both literal and virtual, because it’s an album that has been in preparation for so long.

“It’s really great to have him there,” Nash said. “The process has been so long, so the fact that it’s out of my hands and I can’t make any more changes is a relief.”

And while questions about a new tour to celebrate Fuzzy futures are still in the air, Nash plans to perform in front of an audience near his home on a few dates in the near future.

Megan Nash and The Best of Intentions will be at The Exchange in Regina on November 26, before coming to play Amigos Cantina in Saskatoon on November 27.

Moose Jaw will also host Nash and his returning company on stage at the revered Mae Wilson Theater on March 19 – a place and town where Nash has said she is always thrilled to be back.

Tickets for the above shows are already available for purchase, in each venue individually.

Fuzzy futures is available to stream on most music streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and more.

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