New songwriter Gail Taylor shares her life at age 65 with the release of her fourth country music single “Time is on My Side”

EDMONTON, Alberta, October 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Gail Taylor, singer-songwriter and independent producer from Alberta, Canada releases fourth song in five-song series in One Country on November 1st, 2021. The inspiring and heartwarming tune is titled “Time is on my side” and tells about her personal experiences with the relatable battle of time management.

The song is performed by Mallory Trunnell of Nashville and was written to inspire and challenge others not to get caught up in the rat race, but rather to learn to take control of it and their time and, most importantly , to enjoy the ride. Songwriter Gail Taylor, 65, lives on her own words as she confidently walks towards her new vocation in the music industry after a long career in finance. The new musician began to share her outgoing personality and songwriting skills with the world under the stage name “Gail T as accused.”

“Time is on my side” is the fourth in a series of five country songs. Each song in the series carries a message derived from her personal life experience that she hopes to inspire and motivate. Listen to the rest of the series on YouTube.

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Gail’s musical journey is based on the philosophy that music can transform and have a positive impact on individuals and communities. Gail gives back with her music, her foundation and her advocacy for mental health programs dealing with addiction.

Her message revolves around the belief that reinventing yourself can be difficult but rewarding. Her message and her energy are synonymous with advocacy and inspiration for people to become the best in themselves. In an interview with CBC, Gail was asked what advice she had to give to those who are considering taking the plunge and doing what they really dream of. “Dark!” Gail responded, “We only do the tour once, and I really think it’s worth a try. “

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