Nova Scotian singer-songwriter up for two Grammy awards

In order to perfect her craft, singer-songwriter Laura Roy left Nova Scotia for England nearly five years ago.

“Saved up, applied for a visa, then packed a few bags and bought a one-way ticket to London, and I’ve been here ever since,” says Roy.

Roy’s latest EP ‘Tides’, a project she calls very special, is up for an East Coast Music Award.

“There are a lot of themes about my connection to nature and just references to my upbringing, so it was kind of like a little ode to Nova Scotia,” she says.

When the musician is not composing her own songs, Roy does backing vocals for some big stars.

“So yeah, I’ve sung with Camilla Cabello, Anne Marie, I’m going on tour with another artist next month,” Roy says.

And she writes a lot of songs in collaboration.

“That song is called ‘Alone’, it’s on ‘Planet Her’ Doja Cats latest album,” Roy said.

One of the tracks Roy worked on was covered by pop superstar Doja Cat, whose record is pending eight Grammy Awards.

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“And then two of the big categories, album of the year and pop vocal album of the year, which includes me because on those biggest nominations, it includes all the writers, all the producers,” says -she.

Roy’s vocals can also be heard on ‘Alone’ – earning him not only a writing credit, but also a vocal credit.

“The idea also had some of my backing vocals, which they kept on the main recording, which is really exciting,” Roy says.

With two Grammy nominations, of course comes an invitation to attend the show.

“So I’m going to fly to Los Angeles this week and then I’m going to Vegas for the awards and some related events,” she said.

Roy says she received an official invitation in the mail that came with a keepsake medal.

“I think I’d wear these everywhere I go, I know they actually said they encourage people to wear them, I don’t know if I’ll go that far, but it’s definitely a beautiful tangible thing to have, so it’s pretty special,” she says.

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As for what she’ll be wearing to the ceremony, Roy says she’s already planned her outfit.

“It’s almost like a kilt. It’s almost like a high fashion kilt with that leather top, so I love that it’s almost like a nod to the Celtic influence of New York. Scotland,” she said.

For her first appearance at the event, Roy says she is honored to represent the Maritimes.

“I always feel pretty proud when I meet people. They often assume I’m American. They ask me where I’m from and I politely correct them saying I’m Canadian and not many people know about Nova Scotia. too, so it’s good to spread that everywhere I go,” says Roy.

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