Pulse of Naperville Music Scene – A Musician’s Journey

I am always driven by the power of music; see lives transformed by sound. I would like to share the story of Tom Cridland, a life transformed and healed by sound.

Tom is a singer-songwriter, podcaster, and recovering alcoholic. He loves pop music, especially Elton John, and credits Elton with helping him recover from an addiction that nearly resulted in serious injury and death.

“What literally got me through every day when I was trying to quit drinking was listening to and playing the timeless songs of Elton and Bernie Taupin. Elton’s Music John saved my life from addiction,” Cridland said.

Cridlad was also inspired to start making his own music by becoming close friends with Elton John’s drummer, Nigel Olsson.

“Making music finally helped me get rid of alcohol,” he says. Cridland’s incredible original song, “Falling Off The Rails,” caught the attention of Grammy-nominated soul band The Stylistics, and they invited him to tour with them. They recently finished playing 19 shows together.

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Elton John has announced his final tour this year, and Tom Cridland is marking the occasion by visiting every state in the United States, playing covers of his songs. Perhaps it is Cridland’s way of conveying the healing power of music itself that has allowed her to flourish in her life.

You can find Tom Cridland’s music and more at www.tomcridland.com or your favorite music streaming service.

In addition to writing, recording and performing, Cridland also produces a podcast titled Greatest Music of All Time. His guests have included Annie Lennox, Smokey Robinson, Steve Perry of Journey and many more.

Podcast of the best music of all time: www.tomcridland.com/pages/greatestmusicofalltimepodcast

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