Ray Charles’ 10 greatest hits

Ray Charles is an interesting person, in that he’s a musician that everyone knows and loves a lot, but he doesn’t often appear on top artist lists. Yet when all the songs are tallied and all the influences mapped out, Charles may well be the most important American artist of the 20th century.

For Charles, born in Albany, Georgia in 1930 and passed away at 73 in June 2004, the piano was as much his voice as the sounds of words and melodies emanating from his mouth.

Although he is known for hits like “Georgia on my Mind” and “Hit The Road Jack”, Charles does have a number of stars who have since become standards. So, without further ado, let’s dive into Ray Charles Greatest Hits.

10. “Disorder”

9. “Night is a good time”

8. “What am I saying? “

7. “I can’t stop loving you”

6. “Hallelujah, I love her so much”

5. “American The Beautiful”

4. “What would I do without you”

3. “I have a wife”

2. “Hit The Road Jack”

1. “Georgia on my mind”

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