Take the time to listen to Hour Glass by talented musician Katie Ellwood in this week’s RaW Sounds Today playlist, which champions the music of Reading and Wokingham

THIS week, at the top of our charts is Katie Ellwood with a track from her debut album.

Hour Glass blew us away, with unique and powerful sounds. We think you’ll like it too.

Our mission is to champion and present great music from acts that have a connection to Reading and Wokingham (that’s the RaW in our Sounds Today name). Katie is from Wokingham and an impressive young artist.

We think she will go far.

To hear this week’s selection, simply go to https://bit.ly/rawsoundstoday and enjoy the music.

There is also a Facebook page and group chat that bands and music fans can access. You can search for RaW Sounds Today and it will appear.

Katie Ellwood – Hourglass

Katie, from Wokingham and a student at the Royal Birmingham Conservatory, says her aim with her debut album Interference was to “remove all the genre restrictions I’ve felt in the past and just write pure music”.

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She certainly succeeded, it’s an impressive album.

This piece has electronic and acoustic instruments, creating a hypnotic riff, with a chorus theme that transitions into a pulsing trance beat before ending with a solo acoustic violin. Wow.

The choir is made up of Ruby Thorne and Hope Pugh, fiddle by Janice Ellwood (Katie’s mother) and vocals at the end of Katie – https://www.katieellwood.com/

Leoni Jane Kennedy – Life Like This

Leoni is a Blackpool-born, Guildford-based singer-songwriter and will appear on the Wokingham Music Club stage at the Wokingham Festival in August, as will Katie Ellwood.

Life Like This is an excellent single showcasing Leoni’s rock sound with progressive leanings and soulful vocals. We look forward to her performing with her band at the festival – https://www.leonijanekennedy.com/

Reliant – Heaven or Hell

Here’s the new single from local favorite Reliant, and it’s an exciting piece of powerful indie rock recorded at Generation Studio.

They will appear at the Wokingham Festival in August – https://www.facebook.com/WeAreReliant

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Adomania – Heavy rain

Here is a first single from a new young Wokingham. It has a dynamic and enthusiastic feel with great melodies. There is potential here and we can’t wait to see that potential grow – https://www.facebook.com/AdomaniaBand

Spriggan Mist – Remember the Day

They just released their album, Isambard the Mechanical Dragon and it’s their best yet. After a successful appearance at HRH Prog, Spriggan Mist are back at the Wokingham Festival in August – https://www.sprigganmist.com/

Bex Ruth – Scratching My Head

Bex is a singer-songwriter from London who creates electronic soundscapes covered in soulful vocals.

She traveled to Reading to perform at the Loddfest Takeover Show. Catch her at Loddfest in September – https://linktr.ee/bexruth

OSP – When?

OSP stands for ‘Only Speak Positive’ and it is a four piece Reading that seeks to convey a powerful message of tolerance and respect. They will be at Readipop on Sunday July 10 – https://www.facebook.com/ospmusicuk

Split Dealer – Dreamstate

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Split the Dealer is a RaW Sounds favorite.

He will be at the Wokingham Festival in August – https://linktr.ee/splitthedealer

Le Mezz – Yesterday you said tomorrow

The Mezz are a new indie band of four musicians and this single is well worth a listen.

They supported Split the Dealer on his aforementioned Sub89 Reading show and were one of the highlights of the night – https://www.themezz.uk/

Rocket Kings – Date

This ukulele pop band is at the Wokingham Festival in August and here’s a song with a very singsong hook from their album Everyday Adventures. Watch the video on YouTube – https://www.facebook.com/rocketkings/

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