Wharton Center’s 2022-23 schedule brings back ‘Wicked’ and 4 classical music programs

The announcement of Wharton Center’s Broadway schedule is widely anticipated each spring.

Wharton’s just-released Broadway season for 2022-23 features six shows, starting with Pretty Woman: The Musical. Wharton Center executive director Mike Brand says this UK production, based on the Julia Roberts/Richard Gere film, is coming after a pandemic-related cancellation, December 13and through the 18and.

“It’s an amazing show,” Brand said. “He follows the movie very closely, so people feel like they know him and they feel comfortable with it. It’s really a well-made show, and the same producers are bringing it back to the States, so It did really well in New York too, so it’s a great night.

Little shredded pillbased on the songs of Alanis Morissette, will be at Wharton from January 31st next year. The brand says it appeals to a different audience.

“It has its own audience, which we’re always looking for, trying to keep Broadway inclusive for a lot of different demographics. This one has a lot of following from American songwriters, the rock crowd. It just follows what we’re trying to do. It was the big show in New York just before the lockdown.

In March 2023, another movie-based musical, beetle juice, comes to East Lansing. Connor Gallagher, who led the Take it from the top music theater workshops at Wharton, did the choreography. The brand describes beetle juice as “a fun night, and it has its own audience. Very different from the other two shows, so we’re looking to reach out and expand the invitation to come to the Wharton Center to a lot of different people through these type of shows that are scheduled for next season. It’s kind of set up to appeal to a lot of audiences, different audiences.

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The next Broadway show at Wharton will be Tina – The Tina Turner Musical, next April. Brand says fans of the artist will be thrilled.

“If you want to go out and have a good time listening to this great music that Ike and Tina Turner made, and just to watch how this woman survived a very difficult life to get where she is? It’s just an amazing American story,” he said.

Perhaps the biggest news of the program is the return of Bad for 19 days next May. Brand says Wharton will be one of the first sites to get Bad post-pandemic, “and there are generation after generation of families who come here. You see a lot of grandmothers, mothers, daughters, grandchildren. It’s just something that will never lack an audience, because there will always be the next generation.

Rounding out the Broadway slate is a production of Jesus Christ Superstar in June next year.

“It’s a musical that hasn’t been performed much in the last decade, and this production is a great production, and I think it’s going to pick up again,” Brand concluded. “It’s just one of those musicals where people love the music and they want to come see it.”

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Classical music is also coming to the Wharton Center

In addition to announcing Broadway musicals at East Lansing next season, MSU’s Wharton Center unveils its slate of classical music programs for 2022-23.

The Wharton Center will bring plenty of music next season, including artists like Black Violin, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Jazz at Lincoln Center, but they’re especially excited about their classic lineup.

The first of their four classical events will bring together the Scottish Chamber Orchestra with Grammy Award-winning violinist Nicola Benedetti on October 18. Ryonn Clute, senior marketing manager at the Wharton Center, is particularly excited about bringing strong female soloists like Benedetti to East Lansing.

“She has really developed a strong relationship with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, so it will be great to see her come with the orchestra and witness this budding relationship,” said Clute. “Her career is really on fire right now. She’s doing a violin concerto by Bruch as part of this feature film, this performance.

Next on the schedule is another one of those strong female soloists that Clute is excited about. Alisa Weilerstein appears on January 26and. Clute says Weilerstein’s program will include Bach’s First, Third and Fifth Cello Suites, adding, “This first cello suite is obviously the one people know best. It’s just that gorgeous piece for the ages, that’s for sure. That recording, she had done all six of Bach’s cello suites, and it’s become a best-selling recording in the last couple of years, so we’re glad she’s bringing that, certainly.

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Imani Winds will return to MSU on March 25and. Clute says they’re planning a program made up entirely of composers of color, including a piece commissioned by the Wharton Center.

“Rina Esmail” The light is the same is one of the parts. A Wayne Shorter piece is there, as well as Damien Sneed’s commission Azure Greenwhich focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion,” said Clute.

Finally, the New York Philharmonic String Quartet will perform on April 6and next year. According to Clute: “They are the main musicians of the orchestra, and they come with a program of Mozart, and also of Schubert, as well as other pieces, so we are delighted with that too, and it will be a new one for us. about these artists.

With Mozart’s Quartet No. 19 in C major, Dissonancethe New York Philharmonic String Quartet is preparing Schubert’s String Quartet No. 14 in D minor, Death and the Maiden.

In addition to classic programming and Broadway musicals, the Wharton Center schedule includes the Blue Man Group, the 50and anniversary of Mummenschanz, Tiempo Libre and many other programs, including Act One Family Events.

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