Who is John Prine? “Yellowstone” honors singer-songwriter

It’s probably worth noting that every now and then, between the High Stakes Montana Ranching drama and the often violent twists that come with it, Yellowstone can also find ways to be rightfully tender and emotional. The last moments of “All I See Is You”, the third episode of YellowstoneSeason 4 features one of those signature violent moments, as John Dutton (Kevin Costner) kills a man who plotted against his family in a not-so-fair duel. But at the end of that duel, a voice familiar to music fans for 50 years – that of folk singer-songwriter John Prine – was heard, and after a quick fade to black, a tribute to the musician. appeared on the screen: “In Loving Memory of John Prine.”

Yellowstone ends every episode with a drop of a needle, and while they tend to be all well-organized and genre-appropriate choices, not all of them have the emotional resonance that comes with playing a song from Prine’s latest album. while a tribute flashes on the screen. The title of the episode, “All I See Is You”, is named after a song by Shane Smith and the Saints from their own 2015 album titled Geronimo. So it makes sense that an already named episode for a poignant song has its own poignant and heartfelt ending.

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Here’s a little more on Prine and the episode’s dedication to him:

Who is John Prine?

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After John Dutton defeats a scheming criminal bozo in a literal duel to the death, and also after the action turns black, Yellowstone put a message to the attention of all its many viewers: “In Loving Memory of John Prine”, he said.

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The post appeared right after Prine’s song “Caravan of Fools” started playing in the episode’s closing moments, continuing as the credits roll. This song comes from The tree of forgiveness, which turned out to be Prine’s last album (it was released in 2018); Despite beating cancer twice, Prine died at the age of 73 in April 2020 after contracting Covid-19.

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Prine was a beloved folk singer-songwriter, a prolific creator of music for nearly 50 years. His first album, John Prine, was released in 1971, and his last album, The tree of forgiveness, was released in 2018. Between those career bookmarks, Prine released 16 studio albums, five live albums, and two best compilation albums. When we said “prolific” we really meant it.

Rolling stone called Prine a “Mark Twain of American Songwriting” and was able to count legends Johnny Cash and Roger Waters among his many fans. He has served as an inspiration to countless modern artists, including Sturgill Simpson (another artist referenced in Yellowstone; think back to Mia’s favorite song from Season 3), Kacey Musgraves (whose song “Slow Burn” was also featured in Yellowstone), Margo Price and Kurt Vile.

In fact, you have to imagine that such a prolific and impactful figure in the folk, rock and country genres also had an impact on Kevin Costner; the Yellowstone star and Oscar winner for Dance with the wolves also runs his own country rock band called Kevin Costner and the Modern West. It would make a lot of sense if he saw Prine as an influence for his own music; and, thus, an even more appropriate musical signal for John Dutton’s last badass moment.

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