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Who was Charles Wesley?

You might not recognize his name, but you will likely recognize some of his words and even sing them. Charles Wesley was one of the most prolific and illustrious hymn writers in the world, writing over 6,500 hymns during his lifetime. Some of his most famous works include ‘Divine Love, All Excellent Loves‘, Hear the Herald Angels sing‘, and’ Here! He comes with descending clouds’. Let’s face it – a Christmas carol service wouldn’t be the same without a hearty rendition of “Hark The Herald Angels Sing,” which we’ve named one of the best christmas carols ever.


Charles and his brother John Wesley founded the Methodist Church in the mid-18th century.

When and where was Charles Wesley born?

Charles Wesley was born December 18, 1707 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Anglican cleric and poet Samuel Wesley, and like his father, he was ordained a priest in the Anglican Church in 1735.

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In April 1749, Charles Wesley married Sarah Gwynne. They went on to have three children, including Charles Wesley Jr, who was the royal family’s personal organist.

When did Charles Wesley die?

Charles Wesley died on March 29, 1788, at the age of 80, in London.

10 hymns and songs by Charles Wesley

  • Divine Love, All Excellent Loves
  • Hear the Herald Angels sing
  • Get up, my soul, get up
  • Depth of mercy, can it be
  • So ! He comes with descending clouds
  • Christ, whose glory fills the heavens
  • Come you long awaited jesus
  • And should I win?
  • Rejoice, the Lord is King
  • Father, I hold out my hands to you

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